While Ava is the inspiration behind Ava’s Voice, she shares her story to support individuals and children across the country with Usher syndrome, Ava’s Voice was founded in 2015 by Ava and her family. They started raising awareness about hearing and/or vision loss for families across the state of New Jersey, now three years later they are excited to share that Ava’s Voice is now a national organization to support individuals and families with Usher syndrome. 


Photo description: Ava sitting with her legs crossed wearing a blue Ava's Voice t-shirt and black sneakers, looking at the camera with confidence.

Photo credit: USH Society

"Behind a Closed Door"
by Ava Bullis
in braille along the top and written in the coil.
People have many different disabilities. Do you know their capabilities? Try and see the friend they can be ask questions, be kind and have an open mind. Don't shut the door you could be missing out on so much more. Like all of us they are a piece in our world, like a stitch in a hem so be who you are and make a new FRIEND!

Photo description: A hand-drawing by Ava of a cochlear implant containing a concrete poem of the text shared above. Title written in braille.

Meet Ava and Rebecca

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